Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Do Men Spank Their Daughters Children Deserved To Be Spanked Or Whipped For Discipline?

Children deserved to be spanked or whipped for discipline? - how do men spank their daughters

My wife and I argue about how raising our three children. It is a girl of 12 years, two children aged 5 and 3

The differences range from the discipline of them.

I discipline fairly. My wife thinks I'm too hard on them. But if you mouth out to his mother or not do what we have said at the time their pants and took a leather belt around his back. My wife sometimes crystals when the tape. But sometimes, Boys Will Be Boys. They fight all the time.
My daughter on the otherhand is as sweet as pie. Would not I put my hand on her, and she is the apple of my eye. We love him very much and it's a good girl. But children are out of control. Another take the bike the other day ... that my other son so angry, he put his fist through a wooden door, which had to be corrected.
I have taken orMy knees and cracked the hell out of him in the back with a belt and his ass was red. My wife started to cry for him to stop beating. But he consoled me and said in the Bible that is Isay spanking discpline. My father taught me when I was young, and helped me to stay online. Never abuse my children. I love them. But if they are in trouble after landfall io them. But I have the guys have lost themselves when they are offline. I taught the others to lie and to his room. My wife is contrary spanking in mind, but send them to your room. I told my wife I was a man doing a job and I only because Le Mans as the assumption that a good house over your head and look after them. She cooks, cleans and takes care of the family. We Ltd.OOD sex life. I bring money home. So, we are of the traditional family. She respects me very much, but I think I'm too hard on children. Sometimes I drink whiskey to relax. Whenever I go home, people have done somethign wrong. It annoys me. Who is right and who is not? The beating is necessary for my child? Or do nothing? Chat with a husband and children should discpline. What do u think?

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